Jared Rosenblatt


Jared Rosenblatt – NY State Bar #4218806



Law professors filed a grievance regarding Jared Rosenblatt’s misconduct in opening statement and the examination of a witness in People v. Luis Cherry, which he prosecuted on behalf of the Queens District Attorney’s Office (QDAO).

In Cherry, the Appellate Division found several of Rosenblatt’s opening and direct examination remarks “could only have been intended to evoke the jury’s sympathy” and were “improper.” The Appellate Division was even harsher in oral argument. Justice Scheinkman noted that it was “obvious” that Rosenblatt “was saying things for the purpose of winning” the trial.

Despite the findings of misconduct, the New York Attorney Detail Report lists “Disciplinary History: No record of public discipline” for Rosenblatt at the time the professors filed this grievance.

Rosenblatt’s misconduct in Queens was far from unique; serious misconduct at QDAO has been regularly reported for years.

Powerful positions require the highest accountability. We cannot reward prosecutors for breaking the rules.